Budgeted Enrichment Spending

1.  Enrichment funds for BES/BMS/BHS and BES/BMS/BHS specialists (Dollar amount to be determined by the yearly budget) are to be spent for classroom expenses which would otherwise come out of the teacher’s pocket. Forms for requesting reimbursement from the PTO can be found on the PTO website at www.bownet.org. Completed forms, with receipts scanned, should be submitted to the PTO Treasurer at [email protected] or [email protected]   The deadline to turn in the 2019-2020 receipts is April 1st.

2.  All enrichment funds must be used within the school year of the appropriation and prior to February 1st of that school year. Funds cannot be carried over to a subsequent school year UNLESS a written request, with a specific purpose stated, is received by the executive board prior to February 1st.

Non- Budgeted Items

1.  No requests for special funds or additional enrichment funds will be considered until the November general meeting, at which time the results of fall fundraising efforts are known. Also, the PTO requires that budgeted enrichment funds be used in full prior to requesting any additional enrichment funds.

2.  At that point, all requests for Special Funding or additional enrichment funds equal to or less than $500 must be in writing and include an itemized list of expenses (including shipping/handling, etc.) and all invoices, purchase orders or receipts. Requests should be reviewed/approved by the building principal and delivered to an executive board member prior to a general meeting or delivered in person to the general meeting by the requester. Requests will be considered on an individual basis and voted on following the presentation of the request. Funds will be dispersed immediately upon a majority affirmative vote.

3.  Requests for Special Funding or additional enrichment funds in excess of $500 must adhere to the rules in section two.  However following presentation and discussion of the request at the general meeting the request will be tabled for vote at the next meeting. This will allow the executive board time to post, on the website, the request in the following month’s agenda. Funds will be dispersed following an affirmative vote by the majority of members present.

3.  The executive board (with the approval of any two executive members) has the authorization to spend up to $500 for emergency reasons with no membership vote required.

4.  No money requests can be taken from an individual.

Below are links to the forms for the 2019-20 school year. This year, you can complete the forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader and e-mail them to the treasurer, along with scanned copies of your receipts, for reimbursement. In order to use this feature, please right click on the appropriate form and save it to your computer before completing it. In some cases the form fields will not show up unless you follow this step.





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