Box Tops for Education- There’s An App For That!?

The Bow Parent-Teacher Organization is always looking for help to support the three schools in Bow.  One of the easiest ways YOU can help us fundraise is by taking advantage of Box Tops on products that you buy for your home.  And saving Box Tops just got easier since there’s now an app to help you scan your receipts and avoid clipping!

Download the Box Tops application for your phone and then look for the Box Top label on products that you buy.  Search your smart phone’s app center for Box Tops for Education.  Set up your app and set the Bow School District as your school to credit with Box Tops.  Use the phone app to scan your receipt to get automatic credit for the eligible products purchased with the receipt.  Look for the new Box Top label for the ability to scan them for credit.
You can still clip the old-style Box Tops and send them in to the collection box at your student’s school.  The old style will be honored until the expiration date on the label.Want to boost your family’s ability to help the PTO fundraise?  Then help Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles and Coworkers download the app and start scanning receipts for Bow PTO too!

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